Blue Flower

Indian Pools is a fairly easy trail due to the fact that it is very flat almost the whole way. This trail has a lot of amazing views in the spring and summer. There are small, calm pools that you will pass every so often that you can jump in and swim in, so bring you swimsuit. The trailhead is located in the corner of the farthest parking lot at the China Peak Resort. There should be a sign next to the trailhead that reads "Indian Pools Trail." The trail starts off very easy, but towards the end, you may have to climb over a few downed trees and climb over some rocks. It is nothing outrageous and is totally doable for everyone. Sometimes, the trail isn't very well marked, but if you just keep going in the direction that makes the most sense, you will run into another trail marker (stacked rocks). There are more pools and waterfalls farther up the trail, so make sure you bring your swimsuit and try it no matter how cold it is.