Blue Flower

LARGEMOUTH BASS- There aren't as many largemouth bass in Shaver Lake as there are other fish due to the low water temperatures. For the best results, fish in the warmer months. Fish in the deepest parts of the lake using bass jigs or plastic baits.

SMALLMOUTH BASS- Similar to largemouth bass, smallmouth bass fishing will be slower due to the low temperatures of Shaver Lake. Rockier areas and steep drop-offs yield the best results. Plastic baits, jerk baits, and bass jigs will be best

CRAPPIE- Crappie fishing in Shaver Lake is thriving. Large amounts of crappie live in the deeper parts of the lake. Plastic or live baits work great, and crappie of significant size can be landed. Fish for crappie in the colder months of the year for the best results.

BULLHEAD CATFISH- During the summer months, catfish are very plentiful in the shallow, sandy parts of the lake. During the colder times of the year, the cats hang out in the deeper parts of the lake and are much harder to find. These catfish feed slowly and can be picky, so use live worms for the best catch.

RAINBOW TROUT- Trout are the main attraction for fishermen on Shaver Lake. Trout in Shaver Lake can be up to 20 inches, and they are very exciting fish to catch. They will readily bite on Power Bait, Kastmasters, and roostertail spinners. Try the rockier, deeper areas of the lake and around the dam. These trout will come to the surface to feed on insects at dawn, so the earlier you can get on the water the more luck you are likely to have.

Bluegill, White Bass, Striped bass, Spotted Bass, and Walleye are also common in Shaver Lake. For more info about fishing and weather conditions, visit