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WiFi Login codes are available free of charge to renters of the Living Pines Condominium from Shaver Lake Vacation Rentals.

You will need one login code for each device that you would like to connect to the internet through the LivingPines Internet Service.

Please remember to keep the areas around the baseboard heaters clear of drapes, clothing, furniture, bedding, suitcases, and the like. There are two in the dining room, one in the living room, and one in each of the downstairs bedrooms. There are wall heaters in each bathroom. There are three digital thermostats, one by the kitchen entrance, which controls the main floor, and one in each bedroom.

During Winter months, please leave heaters set a 45 degrees when checking out, in order to prevent water and sewer pipes from freezing and bursting.

We make every effort to provide a supply of firewood under the stairs for your enjoyment. (We apologize if prior guests have exhausted this wood supply, and cannot guarantee there will be firewood under the stairs during your visit.) Please use caution when using the fireplace. Remember to close the screen anytime the fireplace in use, make sure the fiberglass semi-circular rug is centered over the carpet in front of the fireplace, and do not leave the fire unattended. A fire extinguisher is located under the kitchen sink. Make sure any fire is cold out before leaving the condominium. The flue handle is located inside and near the top of the fireplace and needs to be in the far left position when the fire is lit.