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WiFi Login codes are available free of charge to renters of the Living Pines Condominium from Shaver Lake Vacation Rentals.

You will need one login code for each device that you would like to connect to the internet through the LivingPines Internet Service.

Login codes come on a page that looks like this:

To connect to the Living Pines Internet Service, turn your computer on, and log in in your usual manner. For Windows 7 users, you will see a screen that looks similar to the one below:

Connect to the LivingPines wireless network connection, and open your web browser, e.g., Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opra, etc.

You should be automatically directed to a Welcome Screen that looks like this:

If you are not automatically redirected to the Welcome Screen, enter into the address bar of your browser.
Note that the “Living Pines Condominium Information” link will direct you to the Living Pines web site (, where you can find additional information about the Living Pines Condominium, local dining, hiking, boating, camping, fishing, and off highway vehicle trails. You do not need to log into the Living Pines Internet Service to access this web site (simply click “Living Pines Condominium Information”).
Additional detailed technical information regarding the log in process is available by clicking the “Browser Configuration” link. (You will need to enable JavaScript for before logging into LivingPines Internet Service, and should enable “popups” for

From this screen, enter the “username” and “password” from the login code page, and enter your name into “realname.” Click “enter”.
If your browser is configured to permit “popups” for you will see a small information window in your browser indicating the remaining time available before your login code expires. You can also use this “popup” to log out, so that you can use your login code for another device.
If you do not see this small information window, your login code will automatically be logged out after 24 hours, and you will need to log back in. (To access this small information window , e.g., if you accidentally close the small information window or if you have blocked “popups,” enter into the address bar of your browser.
Save your login code page in case you need to log back in (e.g. if you are automatically logged out after 24 hours).
The small information window looks like this:

For additional information on using the LivingPines Internet Service, visit the “Living Pines Condominium Information” link or