Blue Flower

A fire extinguisher is located under the kitchen sink.

The smoke detector at the top of the stairs is very sensitive. While cooking or toasting, we recommend that you open the kitchen window and turn on the fan over the stove. If the alarms sounds, you may carefully push the button on the detector to reset the alarm.

To operate the microwave, press ”Stop/Reset”, Press “Power” which automatically sets power at “Hi” or press “Med” (2) or “Low” (3). Select “Time,” then enter your time. Select “Start.”

If convenient, please refrain from putting the pots and pans (Kirkland Select) in the dishwasher. Also, please refrain from using metal utensils or abrasive sponges. The manufacturer also recommends that you do not wash hot lids in cold water, to prevent cracking. Thank you!

Upstairs/Living Room:

The Dish Network remote control controls the TV, the DVD player, and the Satellite receiver.

To watch TV:

Press the white “TV” button the remote (it will light up red briefly when you press “TV”).